Local Weirdos 3 Pack


this pack includes:

local weirdos, chateau da swan 2020


organic grenache from swan valley, western australia. quevri (terracotta amphora)  fermented and matured.

mysterious yet generous and not without an acid line. this grenache is a tribute to georgian reds with it's distinct quevri influenced tannin and dusty fleshy fruits that lean into herbacious spices. fantastic with a light chill to sharpen everything up. 

7.8 std drinks.

local weirdos, turbulent juice 2020


The vineyard was planted in the mid-1980s and this is semillon from that beautiful, warm region.
It sees around a week fermented on its skins (the wine made at Swan Valley Wines), is fermented naturally, sees no additions. It’s a brilliant orange wine. A ripper here. Chewy, puckering and chalky in its feel with all that embellished with lemon-ginger tea characters, salty nuttiness, dried herbs and a little curry powder spiciness. Acidity courses and pulses under the serious thread of smoky, powdery tannins, the finish a long, long way away and mouth-watering and savoury. Orange wine lovers who know the canons of Radikon, Princic, COS, or that ilk of textural depth and seriousness, will get the drift here. And see it not far off those high water marks. I love it. Drink relatively quickly, but not too cold. Mike Bennie - The Wine Front

 local weirdos, big valley bombo 2020

semillon, grenache

a blend of skin contact semillon and carbonic grenache. not too serious, still intriguing and truly delicious. bright, quenching red fruits - slightly confected but finishes with a delicate semillion white tannin. this is a fresh, soif-y wine that will have you seeking out a pizza and and a park. yum.