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Fizzy Friends 3 Pack


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a fizzy trio for the coming of warmer days


this pack includes:

commune of buttons, pretty fun 2021

chardonnay, syrah

chardonnay coming from the kars organic vinyard in mylor and the syrah from top range organic vinyard in the hills leading down towards mclaren vale. everything is direct pressed and finished fermentation in bottle.

This is a textural sparkling with singing acidity and a beautiful floral notes throughout. It is reminiscent of a warm summer night full of the smells of sweet respiring vegetation. you are sitting on a blanket on the lawn with your friends sharing stories and laughing. crickets begin to sing. you smile at the simple beauty of the moment. 

 6.8 std drinks

scintilla, flo's fizz 2020

chardonnay, verdelho

50% chardonnay and 50% verdelho coming from organically managed vineyards in the mclaren vale and barossa valley. direct pressed and bottled with residual sugar. aged for 12 months on lees before disgorgement. 

This bright scrumptious fizz is not without it's sophistication. lemony acidity backed by brioche-y lees make for a gorgeous and well put together sparkling. This wine will take you to a place where social deck barbecues meet candles and linen table cloths. care free yet still an element of avant-garde to be explored. 

 7 std drinks.

lucy m blanc de noir 2016

pinot noir

100% organic direct pressed pinot noir from the dean's vinyard in piccadilly, adelaide hills. bottled with residual sugar and finished ferment in bottle.

perhaps one of the most unique pét-nats that we have come across. there is acidity and creaminess. a very delicate bead.  held back now fo 5 years it's had extended time on its lees which lends the most intriguing savoury finish. there is something fresh and aquatic about this wine. it's as though it was made to be had at the beach watching the sun go down with salt on your skin and warm wind blowing through your hair. this wine can not be replicated, like the sunset, it's one of a kind. anyway enough with the cheese now let's have some oysters!

6.8 std drinks.