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commune of buttons mixed six


six of the communes finest - a bit of red, a bit of white and a bit of in-between!


*notes from the producer*

this pack includes:

2020 pretty fun

adelaide hills, top range - chardonnay, syrah

11.5% alc.

the first fruit to be harvested each year is the base for pretty fun and marks the beginning of vintage. In 2021 it was selected from two sites, a parcel of syrah from the top range vineyard managed by fiona wood picked on the 17th of feb and chardonnay from kas sluiters vineyard at mylor picked on the 26th of feb. the grapes were wholebunch pressed and the juice was barrel fermented in barriques and puncheons. towards the end of fermentation, the wine was racked off lees and blended into tank. it was bottled with 10grams of residual sugar with the intent not to disgorge this new release. the bottled wine was laid down in the cellar for 5 months and allowed to ferment to dry.

the pretty fun this year is textural with a good acid line thanks to the early harvest. It has a bright pink hue and the bead is fine. the undisgorged wine is crisp with a leesy minerality just like pet nat should be! this is dangerously easy to drink at 11.5% and perfect for the backyard or a day in the park where the sun is shining!

6.8 std. drinks

2020 commune white

basket range - chardonnay

13% alc.

due to the very low yields in 2020 (between 2 and 3 tonnes per hectare) both the abc and clover vineyards were combined to make commune white. the grapes were harvested in the second week of march and crushed underfoot and left on skins overnight. fermentation took place in 600L barrels and the wine remained on full lees for a year with some lees stirring over winter (roughly once a week for 2 months). commune white is a bright, well-rounded wine with pear, lime and peach fruits. there is a delicate savoury brioche thread that lingers into the well-known saline minerality and natural acidity of the clay sandstone soils of the vineyards.

7.7 std drinks

2020 commune red

basket range - pinot noir

12% alc.

in 2020 we were faced with extremely low yields of between 2 and 3 tonnes per hectare and as a result, the gloria vineyard (26-year-old vines) was combined with the other small parcels of clonal 667 pinot to produce commune red. the grapes were fermented as 20% whole bunches in 2000l open - top jarrah fermenters and aged for a year on fine lees in seasoned barriques. with only 1800 bottles produced the commune red is fresh, light and focused with pretty notes of cherry and forest floor. the wine finishes with savoury characters on the pallet that are characteristic of the sandstone soils of the vineyard in which the grapes are grown.        

7.1 std. drinks

2020 commune rosé

basket range - nebbiolo 

12% alc.

the commune rosé nebbiolo came from the difficulties of 2020 outside of the vineyard. with an ever-shrinking international vintage staff as a result of the pandemic we decided to pick the nebbiolo early to experiment with a lighter bodied wine. the nebbiolo was picked in the first week of april and crushed as whole bunches underfoot and left on-skins for two days. the wine was fermented in threes puncheons and aged on full lees for eleven months. the commune rosé is a bright intense wine with an explosion of red fruits of cherries, cranberries, and raspberry. it’s strength is in its varietal complexity of acidity and tannin.

a truly noble rosé!

7.1 std. drinks

2020 basket town red

piccadilly valley - pinot noir

12.5% alc.

a selection of parcels from the piccadilly valley (the cemetery block vineyard and the deanery vineyard) were fermented separately as 20% whole-bunches in open top 2000L jarrah fermenters. the wines were aged on fine lees in old barriques for 11 months before blending and bottling just before vintage in 2021. basket town red is characteristically red fruited with lively acidity. there are complex tannins which will unwind with some bottle ageing.

this wine is very digestible and easy going - a true bistro wine!

7.4 std. drink

2019 commune white

basket range - chardonnay

style : macerated white 13% alc.

a small selection of grapes from the clover and abc parcel harvests was collected for a special project that has long been discussed at the commune…. a skin contact chardonnay. It is an illusive beast as the tannin in the skins of chardonnay is high in terpines, giving the resulting wines a characteristic pine needle character, something to be avoided to be sure! A gentle hand is required. the allure of a complex but elegant skin contact chardonnay is the holy grail for orange wine. we hand destemmed the grapes and gently macerated on skins for three weeks only wetting the cap once a day to ensure gentle extraction. the ferment was then pressed but the hard pressings were separated off. the wine was then racked into barriques. elevage was for 11 months and bottling took place on feb 8th. only 600 bottles were produced. the wine is distinctively orange and there is a lovely hint of lemon balm in the finish, it is smooth and well rounded, loose in the mouth, but the characteristic acidity of the chardonnay vineyards linger and tightens the wine up in the finish.

7.7 std. drinks