Château Comme Ci Comme Ça Merlove 2021 6 Pack


Brand new wines from Aaron Fenwick. 


From the winemaker:

"My wines have and always will be made from 100% grapes, nothing added and nothing taken away. Farmed organically and hopefully in the near future all of our vineyards will be certified organic.

2021 was a very fun vintage, plenty of grapes of exceptional quality. A more mild summer than previous years which allowed us the to hone in on our picking times. As the fourth year of Chateau Comme Ci Comme Ça this year felt focussed and intentional. Wine making decisions where made with a sense of grounded direction which brings us to the first 2021 release… SPRING

Wine made for spring drinking, made with a gentle hand that expresses bright energy, vibrancy and fun."

This pack includes the 2021 spring release from Chateau Comme Ci Come Ça as well as a special cuvee of chardonnay that has been waiting patiently in bottle. Its ready and drinking beautifully.

The Vineyard: Magpie Springs farm in Hope Valley on the southern range of the Adelaide Hills and is farmed by Steve Thomas. Surrounded by big gum trees, afternoon sea breezes come over Willunga hill straight into the vineyard which sits on sandy loam, clay & ironstone.

This Pack Includes: 6 bottles of the newly released Merlove

MERLOVE: 10% alc & 603 bottles made
Grapes: Merlot
Vineyard: Magpie Springs 
Winemaking: 100% destemmed merlot fermented in a large 3000L oak fermenter. 
This wine is 500L of saignée juice after two days on skins.
Tasting Feeling: Needs saucisson & deck chairs.

(6.7 standard drinks each)