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2021 Aristologist Producers Mixed 6


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six of our favourite new 2021 wines from our producers


this pack includes:

*tasting notes from the poducers*

2021 lucy m... vino arancione

11.5% alc/vol
production: 368 cases (6 bottles/case)
varieties: pinot gris 38%, sauvignon blanc, 35% semillon 27%

the farms: the gris is from robert surmann’s vineyard in totness with 30 y/o
vines grown on black sandy soil overlying petrified schist, it is V.S.P. trained and
spur pruned. The sémillon is from magpie springs farm in the hope valley. it has sand soil and is at the top of a hill near the ocean with strong ocean breezes sometimes. the vines are 25 years old, unmanicured and wild farmed. the sauvignon blanc is V.S.P. trained and spur pruned.

how the wine was made: a ménage à trois, with three varieties, dwelling in the bottle together. A form of polyamory, contemporary arrangements are sometimes identified as a throuple, thruple, or triad. each of the varieties spent many months on skin before cohabiting in the bottle where they express their exuberance every time the cork is popped.

notes: clean fresh salty ocean air, waves crashing against volcanic rocks and the alluring scent of a tropical forest. that hugs the shoreline. she tastes of exotic sweet guava, pomegranate and lichee, in intoxicating atmosphere leads to heavy breathing in the shimmering into the sunset.

6.8 std. drinks

2021 lucy m... vin rosso

12.0% alc/vol
production: 610 cases (6 bottle/case)
varieties: merlot 87%, syrah 13%

the farm’s: the merlot is grown at the magpie springs farm in the hope
forest. it has sand soil and is at the top of a hill near the ocean with strong
ocean breezes sometimes. the vines are 25 years old and vsp trained and spur pruned.

the syrah fruit comes from a farm on the hills of mclaren vale and is sees the ocean, the soils are heavy red clay.

how the wine was made: 100% whole bunch carbonic fermented for 5 days. then pressed to a 2500L jarrah barrel and 500L old french oak barrels and aged and assembled at bottling.

notes: late spring gives the warmth to the soft dark forrest where the red currents, raspberries and mulberries stain our shirts with tart sweet fragment red juice, running from our mouths like a vampires first kiss.

7.1 std. drinks

commune of buttons 2021 good life

commune estate vineyard, basket range

pinot noir & chardonnay

during a particularly fruitful harvest in 2021 we had the opportunity to experiment with a few long discussed projects. one of these was a field blend of the estate fruit. during harvest and beyond we added parcels of direct pressed and skin-contact ferments of both whites and reds to a tank to make a wine that was uniquely commune. we blended on taste with the idea being to make something bright and full of texture for ‘the good life’ drinking! aged in stainless steel the wine is full of energy - an early release that is to be consumed with friends.

commune of buttons 2021 syrah

kars sluiter vineyard, mylor


this is the first year we have sourced fruit from this vineyard with the intention to replace the sparrows vineyard which had been pulled out. the sluiter vineyard is 3⁄4 of a hectare of syrah with 3 different clones 1164, 1127 and 1125. the soil is sand over light clay, and the site is cool under the shadow of a large hill, with ripening taking place towards the end of april.

chateau comme ci comme ça gris rosé 2021
12.0% alc & 576 bottles made
grapes: pinot gris
vineyard: pooks hill vineyard.
winemaking: a lasagna whole bunches and destemmed pinot gris thrown into a 3000L jarrah wood fermenter.. this wine is 500L of saignée juice after two days on skins.
tasting feeling: date night wine.

chateau comme ci comme ça gamay 2021
9.3% alc & 750 bottles made
grapes: gamay
vineyard: pooks hill
winemaking: 50% carbonic and 50% destemmed and crushed for seven days, all pressed together.
tasting feeling: disco wine… but classy.