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Manon 3 Pinots Pack


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a trio of pinots by manon farm - an excellent example of how versatile this variety can be. 


this pack includes:

manon eleusis noir 2018

pinot noir 

"Rich soils with a backbone of red clay over Schist. 25 year old vines. From the 2018 vintage, this one barrel cuvée of Pinot Noir (777 clone) is grown right outside the winery doors. This parcel has now become the pinot part of Farm Rosato in the years we have made this wine. 100% hand destemmed, presenting as bright red fruit on the nose before melting into richer and earthier tones on the palate, a result of the extended elevage.  This wine is mineral driven and alive. It is in its prime at the moment. We recommend opening this amongst friends and consuming the bottle in one sitting. It is here for a good time not a long time.

Eleusis is dedicated to change, evolution and mysticism - an homage to the Eleusinian mysteries, which were the worlds longest running agriculture sect, connected to the worship of the Greek Goddess Demeter - Queen of the harvest."

- Manon Farm

 7.4 std drinks

manon pinot nori 2019

pinot noir

"Red clay and schist soils from 30 year old vines. Nine months in aged barrels, two full lunar cycles in tank, followed by two journeys around the sun in bottle. Originally two cuvées from separate parcels - Pino and Pinot Nori. In 2019, the two have been unified, and we introduce you to Pino Nori, beaming with blueberry and raspberry notes. This wine is electric, precise, and drinking very well now, but would readily age for another year or two, softening the berry acidity and opening the way for deeper, more complex savoury notes."

- Manon Farm

 7.7 std drinks

manon aura 2020

pinot noir

"Red clay over schist. East facing terrace of 30 year old vines. Aura, a tribute to the wind Goddess, who greets us most days on our high ridge. Three day maceration on skins. Our only single barrel cuvee of red from the small, but excellent 2020 harvest. This is joyful, fresh and quaffable. Enjoy! We recommend keeping a bottle handy for the warmer days to come."

- Manon Farm

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