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Commune of Buttons NEW RELEASE 6 pack


this pack includes the 4 newest wines just released by commune of buttons plus a little fizz and an estate chardonnay.


*tasting notes from the producer*


2021 Good Life

commune estate vineyard, basket range

pinot noir & chardonnay

during a particularly fruitful harvest in 2021 we had the opportunity to experiment with a few long discussed projects. one of these was a field blend of the estate fruit. during harvest and beyond we added parcels of direct pressed and skin-contact ferments of both whites and reds to a tank to make a wine that was uniquely commune. we blended on taste with the idea being to make something bright and full of texture for ‘the good life’ drinking! aged in stainless steel the wine is full of energy - an early release that is to be consumed with friends.

2021 riesling

dave freschi vineyard, piccadilly valley


this is dave freschi’s own vineyard with rare clones of riesling savi 1,2,5,6,10 selected for this high- density vineyard of 10,000 vines to a hectare. the site sits at 600m altitude in ashton at the top of the piccadilly valley and as a result, the fruit ripens much later with picking taking place on the 15th of april.

this small parcel of fruit was the last of the whites to come into the winery. it was destemmed into 1 tonne flowerpots and macerated pre-fermentation for 4 days. fermentation took place in a combination of seasoned barriques and stainless steel. the wine was racked off gross lees and elevage was in 100% stainless steel for 6 months.

the wine is varietal in nature with pithy lime and lemon curd. it has a nice roundness in its mouthfeel due to the time on skins pre-ferment. the acid is balanced and approachable with a nice lingering saline minerality from the site. a very limited and exclusive release with only 600 bottles produced.

2021 Syrah

kars sluiter vineyard, mylor


this is the first year we have sourced fruit from this vineyard with the intention to replace the sparrows vineyard which had been pulled out. the sluiter vineyard is 3⁄4 of a hectare of syrah with 3 different clones 1164, 1127 and 1125. the soil is sand over light clay, and the site is cool under the shadow of a large hill, with ripening taking place towards the end of april.

the fruit for 2021 was harvested on the 12th of april at 11.5% potential alcohol. whole bunches were chilled for 3 days pre-fermentation with 3 tonne jarrah fermenters filled, leaving 80% of the fruit as whole bunch. at the end of fermentation, bunches were jumped on just before pressing to extract colour and tannin.

the wine is soft and distinctly syrah with powerful violets and blueberries. the fruit is grounded thought by the early tannins and acidy resulting in a wine that’s light with great depth, and very drinkable.

2021 day for night

sparrows vineyard, mount torrens

syrah & nero d’avola

parcels of syrah and nero d’avola grapes were harvested in late march on the same day, with the nero a little way behind the syrah in its ripeness.

the grapes were direct pressed and settled overnight with the juice transferred into two 1800L foudres for fermentation. the wine was racked off gross lees and returned to the foudres for 6-month elevage with some stirring of fine lees.

the day for night is a ripe rose with bright rose hips and savoury peaches. the fermentation and aging in foudres gives a textural mouthfeel and complexity while the nero d’avola component lingers with zippy acidity.

2021 pretty fun pet nat

top range, mclaren vale & kas sluiters vineyard, mylor

syrah & chardonnay

the first fruit to be harvested each year is the base for pretty fun and marks the beginning of vintage. in 2021 it was selected from two sites, a parcel of syrah from the top range vineyard managed by fiona wood picked on the 17th of feb and chardonnay from kas sluiters vineyard at mylor picked on the 26th of feb. the grapes were wholebunch pressed and the juice was barrel fermented in barriques and puncheons. towards the end of fermentation, the wine was racked off lees and blended into tank. it was bottled with 10grams of residual sugar with the intent not to disgorge this new release. the bottled wine was laid down in the cellar for 5 months and allowed to ferment to dry.

the pretty fun this year is textural with a good acid line thanks to the early harvest. it has a bright pink hue and the bead is fine. the undisgorged wine is crisp with a leesy minerality just like pet nat should be! this is dangerously easy to drink at 11.5% and perfect for the backyard or a day in the park where the sun is shining!

2020 commune white

commune estate vineyard, basket range

100% estate chardonnay

due to the very low yields in 2020 (between 2 and 3 tonnes per hectare) both the abc and clover vineyards were combined to make commune white. the grapes were harvested in the second week of march and crushed underfoot and left on skins overnight. fermentation took place in 600L barrels and the wine remained on full lees for a year with some lees stirring over winter (roughly once a week for 2 months).

commune white is a bright, well-rounded wine with pear, lime and peach fruits. there is a delicate savoury brioche thread that lingers into the well-known saline minerality and natural acidity of the clay sandstone soils of the vineyards.